Las Vegas Dental Implant Dentist Breaks Down The Composite Parts Of The Dental Implant

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If you are missing teeth, you may have already heard about the dental implant replacement tooth. The dental implant is the most innovative, effective replacement tooth available in dentistry today. Our Las Vegas dental implant dentist is here to explain to you exactly how the dental implant is put together.

Although a dental implant appears to be one whole replacement tooth when it is in the patient’s mouth, every dental implant is actually crafted from three distinct parts. These parts work in concert to form a stable, resilient, and beautiful replacement tooth.

The foundation of the dental implant—the first piece that we put in place—is the implant root. This piece is made out of titanium, and it is shaped like small screw or post. The dental implant root is amazing and unique because it is actually embedded right in your jawbone tissue—it fills the space where your tooth root used to sit.

If the titanium root is the foundation of the dental implant, the dental restoration that is placed on top is the aesthetic showpiece. Every dental implant restoration is shaded, shaped, and sized to suit the individual patient. And because these restorations are made from porcelain, they are built to last.

There is an additional piece—the abutment—that connects the implant root to the restoration. The abutment keeps these two pieces together, while allowing for enough flexibility between them to prevent the implant from snapping under pressure.

Each part of the dental implant serves an important purpose, and supports the restoration as a whole. Dental patients are routinely thrilled with the results that implants provide. Once treatment is complete you can regain your normal routine, and care for your smile by following your regular oral hygiene routine!

Have more questions? That’s why our Las Vegas dental implant dentists are here! Give us a call, or submit your question on our website, to get started.

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