Las Vegas Dental Implant Dentist Explains How Implants Are Constructed

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When you are ready to reclaim a healthy smile, and replace missing teeth, you will want to explore the treatment option of the dental implant. A dental implant is a replacement tooth that is thoughtfully designed to look and function like natural tooth.

In today’s short article we will be reviewing how the dental implant is built. Our Las Vegas dental implant dentists hope that this information will help you better understand how dental implants can improve your smile.

When you lose a tooth, you are left with a visible hole along your gum line. What may be harder to see, however, is that tooth loss also leaves a space or hole in your jawbone tissue.

The dental implant stands out among the list of tooth replacement options because it has a small piece that actually replaces the tooth root as well as the dental crown.

The foundational piece of the dental implant—the part that serves as a replacement tooth root—is made of titanium. The implant root, once inserted into the jawbone tissue, begins to bond with the natural bone. The dental implant root provides the strength and stability necessary to build an ersatz tooth from the ground up.

Once the implant root is in place, our dentist will put a small piece called an abutment on top of the root. The abutment is simply a small connector piece that attaches the implant root to the dental crown.

The visible portion of the dental implant—which sticks out above the gum tissue—is the dental crown. This crown is designed to look just like a natural tooth. And this sturdy crown will allow you to speak and eat with ease.

Our Las Vegas dental implant dentists have all of the information that you need to restore your oral health. Call us to get started!

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