An Overview Of Full Mouth Reconstruction From Our Las Vegas Dentist


There are many people who have sustained serious dental trauma, and need to rehabilitate their smiles. Our Las Vegas dentist is able to help these people with full mouth reconstruction treatment.

The thing about full mouth reconstruction is that the treatment protocol varies from person to person. This is because full mouth reconstruction is always tailored to meet the individual patient’s needs. So today we are going to be reviewing some of the treatments that are commonly utilized in full mouth reconstruction cases.

Orthodontic treatment: this treatment allows us to straighten crooked teeth, improve your bite, and close gaps between teeth. The exact timeline of this treatment will depend on the current state of your smile.

Root canal: if you have a tooth that is severely damaged, you may choose to restore your smile with root canal therapy. Root canal therapy allows our dental team to clean out the infected and damaged material of your tooth, and then restore it with a crown.

Dental crown: a crown is a dental restoration that is used to restore the appearance and the functionality of a damaged or treated tooth. The crowns that we use are crafted to look just like the patient’s natural tooth.

Dental veneers: these cosmetic restorations go on top of natural enamel. They can repair damaged teeth, make dull enamel look bright and white, and even make teeth appear slightly wider or longer.

Dental bonding: using dental resin, our dentist can repair cracks and chips in your teeth as well as make cosmetic improvements.

Dental implants: if you are currently missing teeth, you can replace them using dental implants or implant stabilized dentures.

Even a significantly damaged smile can be repaired with full mouth reconstruction. So call our Las Vegas dentist office to start reclaiming a healthy, beautiful smile for yourself!