Correcting a Gummy Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry


Dr. James White’s cosmetic dentistry doesn’t just fill gaps or whiten teeth. Cosmetic dentistry has a wide range of services, including just about anything to make teeth appear more uniform and aesthetically pleasing. One service included in cosmetic dentistry is called crown lengthening which corrects a “gummy smile.”

What is a gummy smile? 

A gummy smile is one in which the gums are more overpowering than your teeth when you smile. Some people naturally have extensive gums, which make their teeth appear unnaturally short. Crown lengthening corrects this problem by removing excess gum tissue and exposing more of the tooth surface. Crown lengthening may also be performed for teeth where the gum impedes the correct placement of a crown, or for a broken or decayed tooth. Your dentist may need to expose the area to proper treat and repair the decay. In terms of cosmetic dentistry, crown lengthening creates a correct tooth-to-gum ratio and creates a pleasing, natural appearance.

How does it work? 

During the crown lengthening procedure, your gums and the surrounding area are numbed. Dr. James White then works to restructure the tissue. Afterwards, your gums will be cleaned, sutured and bandaged until your follow up appointment. While this may sound painful, crown lengthening is a routine, minimally invasive surgery. A prescription may be written for you in order to help with pain and inflammation. Once you’re healed up, your smile will be natural looking and proportionate, and you’ll be smiling at everyone to show off the new you.

Are you self-conscious about your gummy smile? Contact Dr. James White’s cosmetic dentistry office to see if you’re a candidate for crown lengthening cosmetic dentistry in Las Vegas.