Dr. White's Cosmetic Dentistry Services in Las Vegas


Dr. James White’s passion for cosmetic dentistry goes beyond the norm. Dr. White takes pride in the ability to give a more beautiful and healthy smile to his patients. Read how Dr. James White discusses his love for every part of the process of cosmetic dentistry, from the research to the creation of the crown or veneer, to seeing the patient’s joy with their new smile.

Dr. James White on Cosmetic Dentistry

“We all want to look good and feel good. In order to achieve the cosmetics that a patient is really looking to have, I have to make certain that all the ducks are in a row. That is to say that the bite is balanced, it’s in harmony with the function of the jaw joints, and it is in harmony with the patient’s face. Such that when I’m finished there will be a predictable result and the patient will know what it is that they’re getting.

Cosmetic dentistry doesn’t happen by accident. It happens through due diligence. One of the things that’s excited me most of all in providing cosmetic dental work for patients is to have the privilege to work with master ceramists. They are remarkable in their field and the result that they provide back to me as a working partner to provide the work to the patient is so exemplary, it just makes my day.

A tooth is composed of many layers, and in today’s dentistry and with the porcelains which are now available to us, we literally can reconstruct the layering of a tooth such that the end result is going to be very cosmetic, very natural looking, and very aesthetic. It will reflect the light properly, and the contour and shape will be good.

The joy of cosmetic dentistry is seeing the tears well up in a patient’s eyes when you’ve completed the treatment.”

Getting the smile you want is possible with the variety of cosmetic dentistry options Dr. White offers at his Las Vegas practice. Don’t hide your smile any longer. Visit our website to learn more about our various cosmetic dentistry options with exemplary care from Dr. James White.