How to Get in the Habit of Flossing Your Teeth.


Why is flossing such a difficult habit to get into? Most people brush their teeth at least once a day, but many don’t make flossing a priority like it should be. Perhaps it’s because when you run your tongue across your teeth at the end of the day, you can feel their “fuzzy” like layer of grime. When you brush, you get a tingly fresh feeling. People feel and see immediate results.

Unless you're getting out a popcorn kernel, the benefits of flossing aren’t as immediately obvious.

So what can we do to get in the habit? We need to think about how flossing will help us five to ten years down the road. Flossing prevents decay, keeps your teeth from falling out, helps your gums stay healthy and prevents painful cavities and root canals.

Think of the reward for flossing: a beautiful, healthy and youthful looking smile, and thousands of dollars saved from painful surgeries, crowns and implants.

Get in the flossing habit with these tips:

Signal yourself. Stick a post-it to your mirror in your bathroom. Each night when you go to brush your teeth, see the post-it and remember to floss before you brush. If you stop noticing the post-it, try writing different notes to yourself every few days to keep you looking at your reminder to pick up the floss.

Keep floss everywhere. Keep a package of disposable dental flossers everywhere. In your car, at your desk and near the couch while you’re watching TV. You’ll never have the out of mind, out of sight problem. You can also purchase an inexpensive flossing stick that you wrap the floss around. It looks like a slingshot and takes away the chore of wrapping the floss just right around your fingers and putting your fingers in your mouth. With flossers and a flossing stick, you can now floss one handed, leaving you free to scroll through your phone to pass the time.

Don’t start with once-a-day pressure. Sure, people will tell you to start flossing once a day. But when learning a new habit, that can be too much pressure, and that’s why it’s easy to quit. Instead, make a goal to floss two or three times a week. You’ll floss every few days, and then start craving the feeling again. Trust us, your gums will thank you. Your habit will start to take on a second nature, and flossing will soon be incorporated into your everyday routine.

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