How to Get Your Kids to Brush and Floss in Five Easy Steps


Sometimes the hardest part of the day is getting the kids rounded up in the bathroom to brush their teeth. They know that after they brush, it’s bedtime and the fun is over. As frustrating as their resistance might be, there are ways to get your children in the habit of brushing and flossing that will hopefully make life, and the bedtime routine, a little easier to get through. Read on for five tips that make oral hygiene a bit more fun.

Get them an electric toothbrush.

Kids may not have the best technique when it comes to brush strokes, so an electric toothbrush could be the easiest way to make sure their teeth are getting clean. Your kids may really like the brush with its buzzing noise that makes it “cooler” than a manual brush.

Use language they understand.

Children may not easily understand that oral health is so important for preventing gingivitis, decay, and other periodontal diseases. Instead, explain to them that when you don’t brush, you get toothaches that make it hurt when you eat food, and makes your teeth sad.

Involve them in every part of the process.

Kids really like having choices and feeling involved with grown up decisions. Take them to the store and let them pick out the toothpaste and floss they would like to use. Instead of seeing it as a chore, they may look forward to brushing with their own chosen toothpaste.

Brush with them.

Show the kids that adults have to do the same nightly chore in order to take care of their teeth. When your kids see that oral care is important to you, they can start modeling you.

Make brushing and flossing a game.

Play a two or three minute song that they like while they brush to ensure that they are brushing the right amount of time each morning and night. Or encourage them to attack the sugar bugs in their teeth. If they remain cavity free after their cleaning at the dentist’s office, they get a prize.

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