James White Las Vegas Dentist Offers TMD Treatment


Contrary to popular belief, TMJ does not mean something is wrong with your jaw. TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint, and we all have one. It’s the hinge that connects your jaw to the bones of your skull, letting you move your mouth, chew and talk. TMD (temporomandibular disorders) are the painful jaw and joint problems from which many suffer.

Injuries like being hit or whiplashed cause TMD, as well as:

  • Grinding or clenching teeth, putting pressure on the joint
  • The soft disc or cushion moving between the ball and socket of the joint
  • Arthritis in the jaw
  • Stress that causes clenching

Symptoms of Temporomandibular Disorder

TMD is common between ages of 20 and 40 and tend to affect women more than men. Symptoms of severe pain could be temporary or last several years.

  • Do you experience your jaw getting stuck or locked up in the open or closed position?
  • Feel clicking, popping or grating sounds when you chew or open your mouth? 
  • Feel discomfort during eating, like your teeth aren’t lining up correctly?
  • Have pain in your face or jaw joint when you open your mouth wide?
  • Do you suffer from headaches, toothaches, neck aches, dizziness or ringing in the ears?

If you answered yes to these questions, you could be showing symptoms of TMD and should consult your Las Vegas cosmetic dentist to discuss treatment options. You may be referred to an oral surgeon, prescribed medication, or given a splint or night guard to prevent clenching. If you have missing teeth, Dr. White can treat your TMD with implants, crowns or bridges to correct your bite. Make an appointment on our website for your TMD and other oral health needs.