Learn More About All on 4 Treatment From Our Las Vegas Dentist


It is absolutely devastating for a patient to lose teeth due to injury or infection. That is why our Las Vegas restorative dentist is so committed to helping patients enjoy health, attractive smiles after tooth loss.

Many people already know about the traditional tooth replacement treatments like dentures and bridges. However, fewer dental patients have heard about revolutionary All-on-4 treatment.

What is “All-on-4”?

All-on-4 refers to a technique that our dentist uses to stabilize dentures and bridges in a patient’s mouth. Essentially, this technique involves our dental team inserting mini dental implant roots into your jawbone. Then, instead of capping the implant roots with individual crowns, we cap them a denture or a bridge.

That is why the procedure is called “All-on-4.” We can replace all of your teeth, using only four mini dental implants (the exact number of implants required for your procedure may be different.

What happens once the treatment is complete?

Once your denture is put in place, it will stay in your mouth 24/7. You’ll care for your smile by brushing, flossing, and using a mouth rinse (if your dentist deems this necessary). You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to eat and speak when your prosthetic is held in place with strong titanium roots.

What kinds of patients benefit from All-on-4 tooth replacement?

For the most part, people who are candidates for dentures and bridges are also candidates for All-on-4 treatment. If you suffer from diminished bone density, our dental team may need to complete bone grafts prior to implant insertion.

Want to learn more about All-on-4 and all of your tooth replacement options? Take a look around our website, and feel free to call our Las Vegas dentist in order to get the information that you need. Don’t let tooth loss destroy your smile!