Learn More From Our Las Vegas Dentist About Each Part Of the Dental Implant


The dental implant is quickly becoming the most popular tooth replacement option in our Las Vegas dental office. Dental patients of many ages turn to dental implants because these replacement teeth are:

· Exceptionally natural looking

· Simple to care for

· Strong—capable of holding up to the daily stresses of eating and drinking your favorite things

· Long-lasting—with proper care your implants can hold up for decades before they need to be refurbished

Dental implants are able to perform so beautifully because they are designed from the ground up to mimic a natural tooth. Every dental implant is composed of three different parts. Each one of these pieces serves an important role in the appearance and function of the dental implant as a whole.

Let’s start by talking about the foundation of the replacement tooth—the implant root. This piece looks like a small screw or post, and it is made of titanium. Why titanium? Titanium is unique among metals in that it can actually bond to natural bone. So your implant root, over time, is going to “osseointegrate” with your jawbone.

Now that your implant root is in place, you want to build the visible and functional tooth on top of it. Before our dental team can attach the crown we need to put an abutment in place. The abutment simply holds the crown securely to the implant root, while still allowing for enough give and flexibility so that the implant root does not snap when you chew.

The final step is to put a natural looking crown on top of the abutment. This crown is custom crafted to look like your natural teeth and blend seamlessly with your smile. With the crown securely in place you can chew, speak, and smile naturally and without apprehension.

As you can see, the dental implant offers a number of advantages over other tooth replacement options. Our Las Vegas dental implant dentist would be happy to give you additional information!