Minimize Dangerous Plaque With These Tips From Our Las Vegas Dentist


We all know that dental plaque is can wreak havoc on a patient’s smile. The bacteria that attach to oral tissues as sticky plaque will slowly eat away at previously strong dental enamel and previously healthy gum tissue.

Our Las Vegas dentist is here to help you manage plaque production and achieve a healthy smile. You can always call our dental office to get your oral health questions answered. And of course we can give you all kinds of recommendations when you come in for a consultation. But for now, let’s just briefly discuss the basics of fighting oral plaque.

First of all you have to keep a few things in mind:

Plaque is always accumulating—plaque production is just a natural byproduct of living. As we eat, drink, and breath, the bacteria in our mouths start to coat the dental enamel and oral tissues—this sticky film is called plaque.

Plaque causes decay and disease—the oral bacteria in plaque produce acids, which undermine the strength of formerly healthy tissues. Then the bacteria are able to infiltrate our teeth and gums and cause infections.

So in order to keep your smile as healthy as possible you want to:

Limit plaque production—you can do this by avoiding eating too many foods with processed sugars and carbohydrates (because bacteria love these!).

Clean away/neutralize plaque in a timely manner—brushing, flossing, and using mouthwash as recommended by your dentist will help you eliminate newly produced plaque. It is also essential that you drink plenty of water so that your body is able to produce bacteria-neutralizing saliva.

As always, our Las Vegas dentist office is happy to help you construct a personalized plaque-fighting plan that will suit your needs. Give us a call or use our website in order to schedule an appointment.