Our Las Vegas Dentist Uses Enamel Contouring For Cosmetic And General Dentistry Results


Every natural tooth is surrounded by a layer of dental enamel. The enamel is the hard, white, and shiny surface that you see when you look in the mirror every day. Dental enamel is really tough—it is able to stand up to the wear and tear of chewing, speaking, and tooth on tooth contact.

We want the enamel to be strong and resilient. But sometimes, we want to slightly alter the shape or thickness of enamel so as to achieve a better aesthetic or functional result. It is in these situations that our Las Vegas dentist turns to dental enamel contouring.

This treatment is so simple: our dental team will use a small buffing tool to slightly shape the enamel.

Let’s learn more about why we might do this…

1. The tooth itself is too long—when a tooth is too long it looks out of place with the overall smile, and it can even make it difficult for the patient to achieve a comfortable and functional bite plane.

2. Speaking of bite surfaces, we also use enamel shaping to help a patient’s front or back teeth close comfortably. This is sometimes used to help patients suffering TMJ problems or bruxism.

3. Dental contouring can also be used to buff away surface irregularities on the tooth. The key is that the irregularities cannot extend beyond the enamel layer. We will never compromise the strength and integrity of your tooth in order to achieve an aesthetic result.

4. Sometimes dental enamel contouring is a preparatory step before we move forward with a dental crown or veneer.

No matter how we are using enamel contouring, you will find that the process is quick and comfortable. Have questions? Our Las Vegas dentist is here to answer them for you. Please call our office, or use our website to submit your query.