Our Las Vegas Dentists Can Improve The Structure and Appearance of Your Smile With Dental Bonding


There are many small cosmetic and structural dental problems that can make your smile look or function less than optimally. The good news is that there are also fast and simple dental treatments that can restore your smile.

One of these treatments—and a very popular one at that—is dental bonding. Our Las Vegas dentists have used this treatment to address many dental problems, such as:

· Cracked, chipped, or damaged teeth

· Discolored dental enamel—you may be experiencing staining, or you may find that your teeth are dark due to aging or conditions like tetracycline staining.

· Irregularly shaped teeth—if you have certain teeth that are too short or thin, dental bonding can make your teeth appear better proportioned.

· Even out enamel textures—there are many dental conditions that can cause pits or streaks in a patient’s dental enamel—dental bonding can resurface these teeth.

If you choose dental bonding to improve your smile, you’ll find that the treatment process is very quick and comfortable. Because our dental team is simply applying composite resin to your enamel, this process is noninvasive and pain-free. Plus, the whole bonding process can be completed in one appointment, so you’ll get the results you need immediately.

Dental bonding also delivers naturally looking results, because the resin application process is customized for each patient. As we apply the resin to your teeth, we’ll make sure that the shade of the resin blends with your smile. We’ll also ensure that we shape the resin in a way that matches your natural dental shapes.

As you can see, dental bonding is a great treatment option for a variety of cosmetic and structural issues. Do you have more questions? Our Las Vegas dental team has answers! We look forward to speaking to you.