Restore Your Smile Quickly With All on 4 Dental Implant Treatment


If your smile is damaged, and you are missing teeth, you don’t want to live with that reality for years to come. The good news is that there are effective and accessible treatment options that can help you reclaim an impressive smile (yes, even after severe dental infection or injury!).

One of these treatments is All-on-4 tooth replacement. Our Las Vegas restorative dentist has found that this treatment can truly transform a person’s appearance, and oral health, in just a few dental appointments.

All-on-4 treatment involves our dentist placing a few dental implant roots into the patient’s jawbone (the exact number will depend on the number of teeth that need to be replaced). Then, the implant roots are attached to a denture or bridge. The bridge or denture sits on top of the implant roots, and “locks” in place. Once the prosthetic is attached it stays in the patient’s mouth permanently.

One of the key reasons that patients choose All-on-4 treatment is that it delivers such quick results. Here’s how…

1. The dental prosthetic is held in place with a mini dental implant root. Mini implant roots, as opposed to conventional implant roots, are thinner and less traumatic for the bone tissue when inserted. Consequently, replacement teeth can be immediately loaded on top of the implants.

2. A full dental prosthetic can generally be supported by only four implant roots. You really can replace all of your teeth at once.

3. Because there is so little healing time associated with mini dental implant insertion, you can resume your normal life in no time.

There is absolutely no reason that you have to keep living with an incomplete, damaged smile. Our Las Vegas restorative dentist has all of the information and treatment options that you need to move forward. It’s time to discover your dream smile!