Unexpected Summer Activities That Can Damage Teeth


We all know that in the summertime, sugary ice creams and popsicles are the biggest threat to your oral health. That’s why we offer affordable restorative dental care in Las Vegas. But there are other dental fiends that can ruin your pearly whites during the summer time. Watch out for these three unexpected pitfalls for your oral health this summer.

Garden Hoses

Drinking from a hose could endanger your overall health as well as your teeth. About 40 percent of hoses contain PVC, a lead chemical that is toxic to your body. Lead leads to tooth decay as well as a slew of other health problems, leading to the need for Las Vegas reconstructive dentist work. If you can’t give up a few moments to go inside and get a glass of water, you can purchase a PVC-free hose that’s 100 percent lead-free. But make sure you let the water run until it’s cold. The warm water that first spouts out of a hose is old and can contain mold or other contaminants.

Scuba Diving

“Diver’s mouth syndrome” is a sad effect of scuba diving. Many people do not realize the stress they put on their jaws while under the water. Clenching the mouthpiece combined with varying water pressure changes causes jaw and tooth pain. If you already have TMJ disorder, think again before putting on your wetsuit.

Inflating Pool Toys

When summer’s in full swing and it’s time to blow up the lounge chair and beach ball, save your teeth and your time by purchasing an air pump. Taking turns blowing up a toy with your friend so you don’t get lightheaded causes spit swap. Their saliva may hold Streptococcus mutans, the tooth-decaying bacteria that causes cavities and other oral decay. Be especially cautious with any toys that babies and toddlers may be chewing and sharing. And always sanitize the spout before topping them off.

Remember, never run by the pool. Slipping and falling on concrete could create an emergency trip for reconstructive dentistry at our Las Vegas office.

Keeping these tips in mind and being more thoughtful of your oral health will keep your teeth healthy for years to come. If you need a restorative dentist in Las Vegas that can repair and maintain your teeth, contact Dr. James White for a free consultation. Have a great summer and even better oral health!