What is Restorative Dentistry?


Nowadays it’s easier than ever to experience tooth decay. Sugar is added to nearly every food, America’s soda addiction eats away at our enamel and flossing is a tough habit to stick to. Even people in their 20s and 30s experience more deterioration in their oral health. A fast-paced life of work and family has people putting their teeth on the backburner. Skip enough cleaning appointments with your dentist, and your teeth can quickly fall into decline which could result in the need for restorative dentistry.

Ignoring your oral health affects more than just your teeth. Researchers have found evidence of gum disease contributing to heart attacks, strokes, poor diabetes control and even trouble conceiving a child. It makes sense if you think about your mouth as a window to your body. If bacteria in your mouth gets into your bloodstream, it can affect all different parts of your body. Oral health directly translates to your overall health. For extensive care, restorative dentistry is recommended.

Restorative Dentistry

For teeth declining in health over the years, restorative dentistry will likely be necessary to correct decay and erosion. Restorative treatment rehabilitates unhealthy mouths that suffer from extensive damage and includes a variety of procedures that depend on your needs.

  • Dental Implants — replacing missing teeth
  • Root Canal — removing an infected tooth painlessly
  • Dental Bridges — filling large gaps in your smile to create ability for proper chewing and talking
  • Fillings and Crowns — replacing decay in teeth while crowns cover a tooth like protective cap to help chipped and cracked teeth 
  • Dentures — allowing new technology like dentures to be more stable and well-designed specifically for your mouth

Dr. James White and his team of dentistry professionals work closely with their patients to ensure they receive comfortable and affordable restorative dentistry in Las Vegas. We offer payment plans for affordable restorative dentistry. To restore health and beauty to your smile, give us a call at 702-329-8181.