Why are Turbyfill Dentures Better?


“It was quite a long time that I went without doing dentures. Until I met a very, very smart man. His name is Jack Turbyfill. And I had the privilege of learning from him a technique that he to this day teaches thousands of dentists.

I learned a system, a technique of making dentures that begins with what’s called a diagnostic denture a training denture, like think of training wheels on a bicycle. And with that diagnostic denture, I am able to work out all the problems for a patient. Bite problems, speech problems, aesthetic problems, any little thing that the patient wants changed, no problem.

The Turbyfill dentures are fantastic in that we rarely have sore spots. With the turbyfill denture technique, the diagnostic denture is working out all the problems before we go to finalization. It’s like wearing a shoe to see whether or not it’s going to be comfortable and then buying the shoe. It’s functionally generated impressions that are used during chewing and eating while you’re wearing them. I can’t say enough good things about Jack Turbyfill and about what he’s done for me and for people that I’ve helped with his Turbyfill denture technique.”

How does the Turbyfill work?

Dr. White takes an impression of your mouth, which is called a functional impression. While we make the mold we will ask you to talk, chew and smile so we can see not only how your teeth are placed, but also how your entire mouth moves and works. You’ll wear a treatment denture for the next few weeks. Dr. White calls this temporary denture set a “first draft” which can be adjusted to fit your needs exactly. This adjusted and perfected draft will become the model for your final denture, which is shaded to match your natural teeth.

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