Why Use a Pankey-Trained Dentist?


Pankey Trained DentistWhen you make a visit to a dental professional, your oral well-being is certain to be uppermost in your mind. There is something else to think about: Does your dentist care as much about that as you do?

The sad fact is that many dental professionals will cut corners, overload schedules and in general attempt to get the job done as quickly as possible while inflicting the least strain and stress upon themselves. With dentists like these, would your teeth need any enemies?

If you want to ensure that the dentist you're seeing cares as much about your teeth as you'd prefer, there's a painless way to do that. Just make sure that the dentist you see is a Pankey-trained professional.

The Pankey Philosophy

When Dr. L.D. Pankey began his dental career back in the 1920s, tooth extractions were the order of the day. Few dentists bothered with anything more difficult, and in those simpler times, Dr. L.D. Pankey pulled teeth with the best of them.

Nevertheless, on the day in which he found himself removing a total of 81 teeth from only eight patients, Dr. Pankey became convinced that there had to be a better way. He resolved that from that day forward, instead of automatically pulling a patient's natural teeth, he would do all he could to save them.

This became the Pankey philosophy, and it is the philosophy to which Las Vegas dentist Dr. James White strictly adheres today. If your dental health means anything to you, you will want to seek out a Pankey-trained dentist who believes in:

  • Giving you the benefit of a complete and thorough examination.
  • Treating you like a valued individual.
  • Listening to your concerns.
  • Answering your questions.
  • Discussing your treatment options.
  • Counseling you on making the best decision.
  • Working hard to save your teeth rather than to destroy them.

Dentists who choose to receive advanced training at the non-profit Pankey Institute do so with one aim in mind: to acquire the advanced diagnostic and technical skills they need to provide their patients with the ultimate in care. At the institute, they learn patient-centered methods from some of the world's top dentists. These methods allow the Pankey-trained dental professional to provide his patients with life-long oral health, not only relieving them of painful conditions but also helping them avoid treatments that are usually costly and often unnecessary.

Unfortunately, many dentists who understand Dr. Pankey's principles at the intellectual level come up short when it comes to applying them to their patients. In some cases, this happens because they neglect to employ them in relation to caring for themselves.

A Happy Dentist Is a Good Dentist

Beyond a mere consideration of the patients' needs, L.D. Pankey's philosophy extends to the needs of the dentists themselves. He felt that the actions taken by any dental professional must adhere to his or her personal belief system. To that end, the skills acquired at the Pankey Institute include making an effort to:

  • Balance work life with personal needs.
  • Maintain a well-organized office.
  • Make changes when needed.
  • Remain in excellent health.
  • Keep a positive attitude.
  • Work toward a clear set of well-defined goals.

Dr. Pankey correctly believed that a dissatisfied dentist may cut corners, make snap decisions and decide on treatment plans that are not necessarily in his patients' best interests. On the other hand, dental professionals who are happy and contented in their personal lives are far more likely to keep a positive outlook and dedicate their efforts toward doing all they can to help patients preserve their natural teeth.

Dr. White and the Pankey Philosophy

As one of only a handful of dentists in the Las Vegas area adhering to the Pankey doctrine, Dr. James White has dedicated his entire practice to saving and improving his patients' teeth. This starts with excellent preventative care, and when his patients do require treatment of any kind, Dr. Pankey will make every attempt to provide that treatment in the least invasive way, all with the intent of preserving the patient's dental health and natural teeth for a lifetime if possible.

Now, if you don't mind the thought of gaps in your smile or of wearing dentures for the rest of our life, the assistance of any dentist can serve you well. However, the eventual loss of your natural teeth is not a foregone conclusion. You can trust Las Vegas dentist Dr. James White to bend all efforts toward seeing that yours remain safely in your mouth where they belong.