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Missing Teeth Making It Hard For You To Grin With Confidence?

Replace Teeth and Rejuvenate Your Smile With Dental Implants!

A dental implant is a stand-alone replacement tooth that mimics the structure of a natural tooth. Each dental implant has a titanium root—which extends into the patient’s natural jawbone tissue—and a visible crown that extends above the gum line (this is the part that looks like a natural tooth).

In order to place a dental implant, our dentist surgically implants the titanium implant root. Then, we allow the bone and gum tissue to heal around the implant root for a few months. Once your mouth has healed we will attach the abutment (which connects the root and crown) and the crown to the titanium base.

Many people use dental implants to replace individual missing teeth. However, dental implants can also be used to secure existing dentures into place along the gum line.

Dental implants are customizable, they are:

  • Shaded to blend with your natural enamel
  • Shaped to look like your other teeth
  • Sized to fit into your existing smile

Why do so many people in Las Vegas turn to Dr. White for dental implants?

Treatment To Fit Your Life

Our dental team has designed the dental implant treatment process so that you will have a functional smile throughout. Although implant treatment does take months to complete, you will be able to smile and live your normal life every step of the way.

Sedation Services

We offer oral conscious sedation to help patients get the dental implant treatment that they need. Oral conscious sedation involves taking a small pill before treatment begins. This pill will relax you, help you breeze through your appointment, and prevent you from remembering very much of the treatment process once you are out of the dentist’s chair.

Payment Options

Because we believe that every person deserves a strong and stunning smile, our practice goes to great lengths to help make treatment financially viable for our patients. We accept most major insurance plans as well as CareCredit and Lending Club financing.

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