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Missing Teeth Shouldn’t Make You Miss Out On Life.

Reclaim Your Smile With Comfortable, Custom-Fit Dentures.

Not all dentures are created equal. Dr. White believes in providing his patients with the best dentures available, which is why he offers Turbyfill dentures.

What are Turbyfill dentures?

Turbyfill dentures are replacement teeth that are crafted using a technique developed by Dr. Jack Turbyfill. Here’s how it works...

  1. Our dentist will take an accurate impression of your mouth. The impression that we take is a called a functional impression. This means that the impression slowly fills in the spaces around your teeth and tissues, to create an extremely accurate and detailed mold. While we are taking the impression we will have you speak, smile, and chew, so that we can get a good idea of how your mouth moves.
  2. Next you'll wear a treatment denture for a few weeks. Think of this denture as a “first draft” of your final denture. As you go through daily life with your training denture, we will be able to adjust the fit of the prosthetic to meet your needs.
  3. Finally we will use your refined and perfected treatment denture to fabricate your final denture. This denture will be shaded to blend with your natural teeth.

As you can see, Turbyfill dentures are truly customized to fit each individual patient.

Our dental team can also use small dental implant roots to secure your denture in place (it will stay in your mouth 24/7). With dental implants you never have to worry about your denture shifting around or falling out of your mouth.

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Turbyfill Dentures

Why do so many people trust Las Vegas dentist Dr. White for dentures?

Transformative Technology

Don’t settle for dentures that don’t feel or look natural. Dr. White employs the innovative Turbyfill dentures technique to craft dentures that fit comfortably, stay in place, and look great. Our office can also ground a patient’s dentures into his or her jawbone using small dental implants.

Support Throughout Treatment

For most people tooth loss is a very stressful, and sometimes traumatic, occurrence. Our dental team is here to help you restore your smile and your peace of mind. And you’ll be amazed at just how stunning custom-fit dentures can be!

Financing Options

Don’t let financing concerns keep you from enjoying a healthy and complete smile. Our practice accepts most major insurance plans, and we also accept CareCredit and Lending Club financing. Feel free to contact our dental team to learn more about payment options.

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