All-on-4 Treatment in Las Vegas, NV

Don’t let tooth loss keep you from living a full and healthy life.

We can rebuild your smile from the ground up.

Completely restore your smile with revolutionary “All-on-4” treatment!

What is “All-on-4”?

All-on-4 treatment is a catchy way to refer to full dentures that are grounded in the patient’s smile with mini dental implants. This treatment is called “all-on-4” because we can stabilize a full denture (or all of your replacement teeth) using just four mini dental implant roots.

Of course, you can also replace a smaller section of your smile with a dental-implant-stabilized prosthetic, if necessary.

Why choose All-on-4?

When a patient gets conventional dentures—which simply sit on top of the gum line—the patient often finds that the dentures don’t fit securely enough. The denture may move around when the patient chews or speaks. Plus, the patient has to take his or her prosthetic out every day in order to clean and maintain it.

You can avoid all of these problems with dental-implant-stabilized dentures.

  • In the first phases of treatment our dental team will implant the appropriate number of dental implant roots into your jawbone.
  • Dental implant roots are made of titanium. Why? Because titanium has the unique ability to bond with natural bone. So, over time, your dental implant roots will actually fuse with your jawbone tissue.
  • After your implant roots are in place, we will attach your denture to these titanium roots.
  • Your dentures will be thoughtfully designed to improve your overall appearance and blend with your natural smile.
  • This is truly one of the fastest ways to completely restore the appearance and functionality of an incomplete smile.

Once your denture is in place, it will stay put 24/7. You don’t have to worry about your replacement teeth feeling or looking fake. Additionally, you’ll find that it is simple to care for your smile post-treatment.

Why do so many people in Las Vegas choose Dr. White for All-on-4 replacement teeth?

State-of-the-Art Technology

Using the latest dental technology, our dental team is able to pre-plan your All-on-4 treatment down to the smallest detail. We will scan your mouth and jawbone, so that we can pinpoint exactly where your mini dental implant should be inserted. This leads to a number of benefits for the patient: you can envision how your post-treatment smile will look; you spend less time in the dentist’s chair; there are no surprises for our dental team once we begin treatment.

Convenience and Ease

We want to help you get the smile you want, and get on with your life. All-on-4 treatment is one of the fastest ways to stabilize and restore your smile. Most patients enjoy full results after just one or two treatment appointments. Our dental team makes treatment even more comfortable and convenient with sedation dentistry options.

Cost Effective Care

In general All-on-4 treatment is significantly less expensive than conventional dental implant treatment. Our office can help you make the best dental decision for your financial situation. We accept many insurance plans, as well as Lending Club and CareCredit financing plans.

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