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Does Tooth Pain Require Emergency Dentistry?

Tooth pain can be debilitating, but even a minor toothache could be indicative of an emergency problem with your oral health. Not all tooth pain will require emergency dental work, but it is best to call a dentist as soon as possible to be examined just in case. Dr. James White, a dentist in Las Vegas, NV, identifies three causes of tooth pain that could require emergency dentistry.tooth pain emergency las vegas dentist


One of the most commons sources of tooth pain is a cavity. This is a hole that develops in the tooth due to decay eating away at the enamel. Early signs of tooth decay may not have any symptoms, but larger cavities can cause a toothache. Often cavities can cause small amounts of pain at first, which patients ignore until the pain becomes unbearable. Smaller cavities can be treated with a filling, but dentists may have to perform root canal therapy if decay is advanced.


An infection in the teeth or gums can cause severe tooth pain if left untreated. An abscess can form if an object is stuck in the teeth and wedged deep into the gums, creating a pocket of space that fills with pus. The abscess will need to be drained, and the patient may require root canal therapy or a tooth extraction. Gums can also become infected without adequate brushing, leading to gingivitis and gum disease. A dentist can clean the infection from your gums, but advanced stages of gum disease might require surgery.


Accidents can happen to anyone, and that includes trauma to the mouth. A whack to the face can damage teeth even if no bruising or abrasions are visible. Tooth pain can be a sign of swelling in the root of the tooth. Mild tooth injuries can heal on their own in a few days, but a dentist can monitor the healing process. Teeth are also susceptible to breakage and cracking due to trauma or wear. A break in the tooth can be painful, but repair is possible. A crown can cover and protect a tooth with a small amount of damage. Severely broken teeth can be replaced with an implant.

Emergency dentistry available in Las Vegas

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