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Dental Implants Boost Jawbone Health

Patients with tooth loss may find secure, permanent tooth replacements with dental implants. This treatment helps patients improve their smiles’ appearance and restore oral function.

Implants also help patients protect their jawbone following tooth loss. Dr. James White, a dentist in Las Vegas, NV, outlines how dental implants can boost the health of your jawbone if you are missing teeth.

dental implants and jawbone health in Las Vegas Nevada

What Happens to Jawbone After Tooth Loss?

A typical dental patient has strong teeth that feature roots that extend below the gumline and to the jaw. The tooth root stimulates the jawbone to keep it healthy.

When a patient loses a tooth, the jaw no longer has stimulation from the tooth root and begins to deteriorate in its absence. This can lead to the appearance of facial sagging and to the shifting of remaining teeth, which can cause further dental concerns.

How Can Dental Implants Help My Jaw?

A dental implant consists of a titanium post that a dentist surgically inserts into the jaw. After this heals, the dentist places a prosthetic tooth over an abutment above the gumline that attaches to this post.

The post replaces the missing tooth root and stimulates the jawbone once again. This stops bone deterioration and encourages the regrowth of bone that may have already been lost.

The implant fills gaps in your smile where a tooth was missing, enhancing your smile’s appearance. It also preserves your smile by preventing the loss of facial structure and reducing the chance of teeth shifting out of place.

Will My Jaw Support Dental Implants?

Implants require a stable foundation in the jaw in order to support the prosthetic tooth. This means that if your jawbone has deteriorated too much after tooth loss, you might not be able to successfully receive a dental implant.

Your dentist might suggest a bone graft to create more structure in the jaw that could support an implant once healed. A dental professional can evaluate your jawbone health with X-ray imaging and discuss your eligibility for this treatment during a consultation appointment.

Dental Implants and More in Las Vegas, NV

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