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The enjoyment of lifelong oral health is sustained through routine dental care and good oral hygiene between visits. Dr. White places an emphasis on the importance of regular dental care for both oral health and overall physical wellness. Our dental care team can help you keep all aspects of your smile healthy from year to year with personalized care.

The Las Vegas dentist office of Dr. White is your local resource for comprehensive oral health care in a caring environment. We practice patient-focused dentistry and take the time to educate you on the care and maintenance of your smile. Dr. White and our dental care team are committed to the unique needs and goals of each individual patient. We take the time to fully understand any lifestyle habits or concerns you may have that impact your oral health. If you have questions or concerns about your smile we are here to provide answers and personalized oral hygiene advice to help you avoid dental problems down the road.

preventive dental care in las vegas nv

Dental exams and cleanings: the foundation of a healthy smile.

A routine visit with us will include a thorough dental exam which includes:

  • Screening for tooth decay
  • Screening for gum disease
  • Screening for oral cancer
  • An evaluation of your bite and screening for signs of a TMJ disorder

Dr. White emphasizes the importance of visiting twice a year so that we can provide consistent, personalized dental care. Regular visits allow us to spot signs of disease in the early stages and to monitor concerns as needed to avoid a sudden dental problem. No matter your age, routine preventive dental care is important for your health and quality of life.

The importance of gum health.

Healthy gums are as important as healthy teeth. Poor gum health can compromise the stability and health of your natural teeth as well as raise your risk for other health concerns including cardiovascular and systemic diseases and conditions. The gums play a significant role in preventing harmful bacteria from entering the bloodstream which can lead to internal inflammation as the immune system is activated.

Our dental care team will alert you to any signs of gum disease and can offer personalized care and advice to address lifestyle habits, risk factors, and existing concerns. If you have chronic gum disease we can make recommendations for at-home oral hygiene and additional dental care as needed.

If gum disease develops we can offer treatment in our Las Vegas dentist office. Dr. White will recommend appropriate care for the stage and symptoms of infection and ongoing oral hygiene as needed to avoid recurring problems.

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If you are looking for a new dentist, a second opinion or the opportunity to enjoy your best smile through personalized care we welcome you to become a member of our dental family. Dr. White welcomes new patients and provides a unique dental experience that is patient focused. Contact our office to schedule your appointment or request one online.